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Advertising With Panhandle Sports Broadcasting


Football Packages

10 Games (Team of your choice)                                            $600
20 Games (2 Teams of your choice)                                       $1080
30 Games (3 Teams of your choice)                                       $1440
Gold Football Package (60 Games)                                        $2500



Beef O’ Brady’s Coaches Show                                             $199/month     (airs weekly)
PSB Thursday Night Prep Report                                          $199/month     (airs weekly)
PJC Sports Weekly                                                                   $199/month     (airs weekly)
Gold Shows Package  (all shows)                                        $399/month
Silver Shows Package
(choice of 2 shows)                         $300/month    


Website ADS

200x200 Scrolling Ad (all pages except team pages)             $750/yr            (billed Qtrly)
200x200 Scrolling Ad-Team Page
(pick team)                       $600/yr            (billed Qtrly)
200x200 Scrolling Ad-2 Team Pages                                     $1080/yr          (billed Qtrly)

*(Ads appear on all sports and sections of chosen team)

100x300 (Top Banner) appear on all pages                             $1199/yr          (billed Qtrly)


Broadcast &Website Packages

10 Games (Team of your Choice & 200x200                         $900
Team scrolling Ad for 1 year).

 20 Games (2 Teams of your choice &                                     $1500
                2 200x200 Team scrolling Ads for 1 year)

 Annual Packages

Platinum (includes all PSB broadcast, shows, and                 $750/mth
Home page website ads)

Gold Package (includes all PSB broadcast and Shows)         $500/mth
Silver Package
(includes all Broadcast)                                  $350/mth

**(Broadcast include all games and playoffs aired by PSB)


Please Contact Bill Brownell @ 251-458-8803 or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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