Sponsorship opportunities with PSB Live
Monday, 31 January 2011
How to advertise with PSB Live

PSB Live is able to offer a unique opportunity to area businesses. Our broadcasts are not only being seen in and around the Florida Panhandle, but all over the world.

Imagine your business being seen in the Pensacola area, the Gulf Coast region, the state of Florida, the United States and the world for one investment.
Utilizing online technology, PSB Live is able to reach a global audience. Of course, our main demographic is the local area of the event we broadcast, but anyone from Pensacola to Pennsylvania, Mobile to Mongolia, Destin to Dublin or Panama City, Fla., to, well, Panama City, Panama is able see your message. Any person with an Internet connection around the world will have the chance to see your brand.
In addition to seeing live action for free on PSB Live, we offer the opportunity to see any event we ever broadcast as many times as a viewer likes via our free archives. Therefore, the live broadcast only scratches the surface of how many times a company can be seen. Also, PSB Live also offers DVDs both in our online store at www.shop.psblive.com, and at most of our events. Simply put, a person can be at a game and on the way to the parking lot can purchase the DVD of the event they just witnessed. When they take the DVD home to watch over and over, they also take home your company's commercial.
Newspapers, television and radio cannot offer the opportunity that PSB Live can provide to get your message across to local, state, regional, national and international viewers.
For more information, contact Ryan Bonifant at 850.420.7002 or Steve Barnes at 850.503.6478.
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